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5 Things You Must Consider In Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodels are one of the most popular projects homeowners take on. From a minor tweak to a major facelift, it's one of the most important rooms in a home. You can make a huge difference without blowing your budget and if you’re trying to decide where to splurge, consider these bathroom projects, from small to major.

1: Tile or stone?

How about both? The days of "only marble will do" are over. Homeowners today are opting for a more earthy feel, incorporating natural feeling stones like travertine and slate and pairing them with glass accent tiles and marble counters. While you won't ever fall out of fashion opting for pristine and white, consider adding a more "home spa" touch.

2: Glass shower panels.

Nothing makes a bathroom look more high-end than ditching the shower curtain and adding a glass panel and door. For a minimal investment of a few hundred dollars plus installation, you can really up the resale value of your home (or make it more luxurious if you're staying put).

3: Heated towel racks.

A staple in European homes, only recently have heated towel racks become a "thing" in the USA. Heated racks don't need to be hardwired and most simply plug into a wall outlet. What could be more comforting and lavish on a budget than stepping out of your morning shower into a cozy heated towel?

4: High-quality shower fixtures.

If anywhere you are going to splurge, do it on your fixtures. While bathroom fixtures can seem expensive up-front, the rewards will pay off for years to come, and investing in fixtures with better quality parts will save you on replacement costs associated with cheaper models. Besides... who doesn't want to wake up with a soothing massage from multiple streams and multiple shower heads?

5: A shower bench,

While this one is mainly for the ladies, men can appreciate a place to sit in the shower too. Teak shower benches are all the rage these days. Perfect for shaving or relaxing under that rain-shower fixture you just installed, from built-in to foldable teak, there's an option and price point for anyone.

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