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Spotlight on: Kailua

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Known for its fantastic white-sand beach, ideal for swimming, long strolls, kayaking, bodyboarding, kite and windsurfing, the neighborhood of Kailua is a family favorite for locals and transplants alike.

Kailua is a popular choice for Oahu real estate buyers looking on the Windward side of Oahu while still being just a short 15 mile commute from downtown Honolulu. Properties for sale in Kailua apart from single family homes, also include townhomes, condos, and apartments, including a new three-story development called Ka Malanai, located in the heart of Kailua town.

Kailua is home to the the largest remaining wetland and the largest ancient freshwater fishpond in Hawaii, a designated Ramsar Convention wetland, making an escape to nature, an easy weekend habit.

Kailua features a central commercial district with shops, restaurants and other businesses. From Whole Foods and Target to small locally owned boutiques, Kailua manages to maintain its small-town charm while providing the convenience of a big-box store.

Prices in the Kailua area can vary extensively. From fixer-uppers away from the beach but enjoying cool mountain breezes, to beachfront luxury properties, home to the elite and a favorite getaway of a certain former President of the United States, prices range from the lower $800,000 range to upwards of $20,000,000. And rising.

Browse the listings below and give Michelle a call to talk more about Kailua.

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