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Staging a Bathroom?

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

When staging a house, you'll naturally think about where people do their living, the bedrooms and living room, but don't neglect the rooms that add to your homes value such as the kitchen and bathroom. Today we will focus on the bathroom.

We use bathrooms every day and spend a good amount of time in them be it for hygiene reasons, applying makeup, or relaxing in the tub. For as much time as we spend in there, we tend to forget staging in this important room. Here are some tips to consider before putting your home on the market.

1: Lighting.

First things first, change out any burnt out bulbs. Bathrooms tend to have multiple sources of light and multiple bulbs per fixture. As such, we tend to neglect the replacement of bulbs and adapt to less lighting. Burnt out bulbs make a space look dingy and dark, leading buyers to believe the space is small and uninviting. If your bathroom has a window, open the blinds and let the natural light in. If you can afford it, consider new fixtures as a reasonably priced and easy to install upgrade.

2: Neutral colors.

That mermaid shower curtain was adorable in the 90s and the Avengers toothbrush holder made your child smile and got him to brush his teeth. But we're trying to appeal to a broad range of people now you're selling and buyers won't be able to imagine themself in your space if it screams your personality. White, light gray, and beige are the tried and true neutrals that lighten up a space and draw buyers in. Paint the walls and buy accessories in neutral contrasting colors or made of natural materials such as wood. You want to give your bathroom that spa vibe.

3: Hide it away!

Toothbrushes, razors, makeup... they can give buyers the heebie-jeebies. Tuck them away in a vanity or under the sink and in drawers. Keep the counters clean and free of clutter. If your laundry hamper is in the bathroom, consider removing it. They take up space and (if full of dirty laundry) can add a not so fresh aroma to the space. Remove any bathmats and toilets seat covers.

4: It's the Simple Things.

A fresh bar of soap in a clean dish, a new shower curtain in a neutral color, fluffy white towels laundered in bleach. A small plant or vase of fresh flowers will add a splash of color without taking away from the clean spa oasis feeling you're going for. If your room is small but has the space for it, add a large mirror to reflect light and make the space appear larger. Then... scrub it like you've never scrubbed it before. Mold, mildew and stains in a bathroom are a definite turn off.

Oh, and for goodness sake...put the lid down!

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