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Updated: Jun 29, 2021

A long story worth reading. I came to Hawaii 5 years ago. Immediately, haphazardly, and luckily I was in touch with Michelle. I told her I wasn't ready to buy just yet but for 4 years she moved at my pace, listened to what I wanted. It was all about me. Constant, but not annoying, contact, she always answered my phone calls, questions, gave me info about the island, real estate trends, ideas, locations, the buying process. AMAZING.

When it was time to buy, A plus plus plus service. Her team is amazing. It was my first time buying and she baby stepped me through it the whole way. Docusign for documents was amazing as well. Whenever there was a new document to review, (and there were ALOT of them) Michelle was calling me, letting me know what it meant, telling me what I had to sign and when. She had a soup to nuts process in place that made it incredibly easy. She worked great with the selling realtor, detailing my needs with her, sticking up for me as far as house inspection, the likes, dislikes, upcoming issues, "demanding" what the home owner had to fix before it was ready for me to move in. Through price negotiations, assessments, repairs, property tax issues, etc. Michelle had my back like you wouldn't believe.

Once I moved in I thought there was a MAJOR problem and I called her freaking out. She calmly walked me though it, let me know what was going on, calmed me down just with her demeanor and professionalism. Turned out it wasn't a problem at all but she treated me with respect, patience, and consideration. She didn't talk down to me or belittle the issue. Just another impressive thing about Michelle.

It has been over a year since I bought the condo and I bounce ideas off her and her staff constantly, update property searches, ask price questions, selling trends, locations, and she always has an acceptable and right answer. For 5 years she has sent me a Sunday email with properties that match my search criteria and is always available to talk to. I am ready for another purchase and there is no other realtor I need to consider. I cannot imagine a better realtor anywhere.

I really cannot say enough about Michelle, even though I have said plenty. I do hope anyone reading this will have the pleasure of working with this lady in the future. My hat is ALWAYS off to Michelle. She is simply wonderful and an amazing person, too. I see her out around town and she always has the time to talk with me. I am blessed.

- Patrick Cavalier

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